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October 05, 2008


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Glad to have you back Sherpa. Now, we have some talking to do about the Nov. 2nd Marathon. What is the elevation of the course?.. flat?? Do we have a hotel? Is the entry fee paid? When is packet pickup? Is there a water stop at every mile? Did we reserve boarding for the dogs? etc. etc..yep, so glad you are back.

Yay- you're back! I've checked every few days and was starting to wonder about you :). Life seems so busy for us right now- don't know how Monty managed to fit in any training. He's been taking it very easy over the last month- it's been very nice. Please share about your new job- hope you love it! Have a blast in Chicago- we had SO much fun when Monty ran it 2 years ago :).

Hey Susan, yeah I'm here! I'm really looking forward to Chicago. Life it busy here and starting a new job is harder than being at one for 8 years! DUH! LOL

Say Hi to's the tat?

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