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Supportive wife of a triathlete.


I'm an instructional designer and I'm lucky enough to work out of my home. This leaves me a lot of time to hang out with my two schnoodles, Sophie and Oscar. The other part of my life is about triathlons. I don't do them, but my husband does and I'm his sherpa. I haven't missed a race in three seasons and counting and I'm not even sure he'd be registered for races without me. Hmmmm so am I living out my own triathlon dreams through him? Ummm...nope. I love the sport, the community, and mostly I love that he loves it. So it brings me to TriSupporter. I figure I can't be the only spouse out there that spends a lot of time on someone else's passion.


gardening, spinning, pilates, triathlons, watching my husband race, life with our schnoodles