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July 28, 2008


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Bell Lady, I love that you pulled out the credit card to pay for HIS bike...regarding if the bike will make him go faster...why would we want that, then we couldn't see how PRETTY it is with him zooming past us at 24 mph!

Ms. Bell! Your a good lady! The bike shop is a never ending pit as Billy tells me. Not liking the idea of him zooming past us just as Kerri said. We'll all just have to get Zipp wheels now to stay ahead of him! Enjoy the new ride Rian, Kat~

LOL Kerri and Kat - you have NOTHING to worry about. The bike is all looks baby :-))

Yes, it was nice of me to pay huh??? Don't forget to remind him how nice his Bell Lady is ;-)

ha, actually i tried to upgrade the wheels to the zipp 404s but the bell lady won that battle.

i really need to find a little discrete propeller to hang on the back to give a little extra boost. the legs are just not doing it for me.

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